Pablo Rodriguez

United Kingdom
Started in 1999

About The Artist

Senior Artist Pablo Rodriguez

describes himself as an “Anglo-Latin” hybrid. Channeling his unique brand of high glamour from Argentina via London (where he has lived for the past ten years), he has successfully mastered the art of respecting, and bringing out the best, in his client. His love of makeup began early. “When I was a kid, I used to enhance the features of magazine pictures with markers and pencils,” he confesses. “I would draw black liner and red lips on everyone.” From these rudimentary face charts to working with some of the biggest designers in the world, his transatlantic adventure is still very much ongoing. Here he shares his favourite memories and top tips.

Colour Revolution

“I think most people in Russia are trying to highlight their natural beauty. All in all, Russian women try to keep it fresh and use one injection of colour, usually on the lips. I really like that Russians have the courage to experiment with colour. You see women wearing Lady Danger Lipstick a lot. To get the most out of this look I’d recommend using Lip Conditioner: one product that can make a very fresh and glossy look. Put it on the lips, eyelids and cheekbones and within one minute you will look moisturized. Also if bright lips are your thing, check out Pink Nouveau or Fusion Pink Lipsticks too.”

Dame Viv

“One of my favourite memories was working as the key makeup artist for a Vivienne Westwood show. When we did the makeup test, Dame Viv insisted the faces not look too ‘made-up’, so I made palettes with bright Paint Stick colours crushed into them, and just gave them to the models to do their own thing. They were not allowed to use brushes, just their fingers. The results were incredible, so expressive and individual!”

Free Love

“There are so many different styles for men these days, they should really go for it! Full on drag or a strong black liner smeared around the eyes is always great. I’d advise everyone to shape the eyebrows to frame their face. Eye Brow pencil in Lingering is a medium brown/grey colour, which suits almost everyone. To de-emphasize skin imperfection keep it matte. Control the shine throughout the day with Blot Powder/Pressed, it will absorb excess of oil but will not add colour or coverage, so you can reapply as many times as you need!”

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